Top 5 things to do near Lastres

Asturias is a Natural Paradise with thousands of corners to be discovered. Today we dive into the Lastres area and the top 5 things to do around there.

1. Get lost in its streets

This seaside town is only a few minutes away from CoolRooms Palacio de Luces. Its history is closely tied up with fishing. The first salting and pickling factories appeared in the 17th century. During this time, fishing shared the spotlight with whale hunting, which left an imprint that still lives in its whaling neighbourhood. 

The hanging houses on the cliffside, with their glass galleries, along with the sloping streets, the port and its unmistakable naval character, led to Lastres being declared one of The Most Beautiful Villages in Spain. In addition, the Santa María de Sábada chapel, which dates from the 18th century and it's built in a baroque-neoclassical style, was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest. The lookouts of San Roque and the Castle offer the best views of the village perched on the rocks. A bit further from the town is the Lastres lighthouse, which gifts us a beautiful panoramic view over the Cantabrian cliffside.

If you are interested in taking a guided tour to explore this wonderful spot in the Asturian coast, check out our Experiences section.


2. Taste the best anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea

Right across from our hotel stands Hazas. This anchovy canning factory decided to set out to recover the art of canning in Lastres. They started a 100% artisanal factory, where the anchovy is skinned by hand, washed in cold water and carefully boned. By doing this, they intend to return much-deserved glory to this region for its traditions.

One can buy anchovies directly there, as well as book a guided tour to experience the whole production process. If you book the visit with the hotel, you will also be able to enjoy a tasting paired with Asturian wines at Tella, our own restaurant.


3. Get to the top of the Pienzu Peak

At 1.161 metres above sea level, this is the tallest point of the Sueve mountain Range and one of the most visited peaks in Asturias. The itinerary is accessible and the views once at the summit are unbeatable. During the ascent you will be able to see several local fauna species, such as vultures, red partridges, Asturcón horses and even fallow deers.

At the top, sea and mountain fuse to show, on clear days, one of the most beautiful postcards in Asturias. From the Picos de Europa Mountain Range to the Aramo Mountains and on the coast, form Peñes to even the coast of neighbouring Cantabria.

The hotel CoolRooms Palacio de Luces also offers this itinerary as an experience to its guests.


4. Discover the local gastronomy

Asturias is a rich land, boasting all kinds of products. From homemade cheeses to the best seafood and the freshest fish, not to mention its meats and its emblematic drink, cider.

At Tella, the Chef Nacho García Canellada answers to the seasonal market and the organic local produce, creating recipes that are a mixture of traditional Asturian cuisine and an influence from the Indies. The views from its impressive glass walls complete the gastronomic experience.

For its part, the restaurant Casa Marcial boasts 2 Michelin Stars from its privileged location between the mountains of the Sueve Range. There, Nacho Manzano combines the flavours of the land with a distinctive creative touch. In Arriondas, El Corral del Indianu recovers the oldest building in the town to offer its clients the quality worthy of a restaurant with a Michelin Star.

Finally, the very village of Lastres, has great local restaurants to taste the freshest fishes and seafood daily, cooked traditionally.


5. Check out the Fitu viewpoint

It stands out because of its curious structure, but the best thing about this scenic lookout is the imposing landscape that surrounds it. On days with no fog one can see part of the Picos de Europa and the Cantabrian Sea. The daytrip can be completed with a hike to the Biescona Beech Wood to enjoy its colours, especially in Autumn. This path is also speckled with some chestnut, holly and yew trees, aside from Asturcón horses and fallow deers, which will accompany us during this itinerary that also belongs to the Sueve Mountain Range.

Don't forget that you can book your trecking experience with us as well, and get to know this wonderful natural area.