Asturias on a large scale: book your stay and get unforgettable experiences

When you book a stay at Palacio de Luces, Asturias on a large scale offers you limited-edition experiences in nature, gastronomy and wellness.

Asturias is a green paradise full of charm on the shore of the Cantabrian Sea. It has loads of mountains, fantastic beaches, spectacular cliffs, inland villages that seem frozen in time and sea villages full of colour. Asturias is a paradise to get lost in, discover, savour, relax and enjoy greatly.

The program "Asturias a lo grande", that the Community of Asturias set in motion in Autumn 2020 to propel tourist consumption in Asturias, has a new edition this year that started this Spring. The campaign is an opportunity to travel to Asturias and live some unique experiences that will submerge us in the landscape and the Asturian culture. Travellers have the chance to participate in a program that allows you to build up your stay at no additional cost to enjoy an ecotourist, cultural, gastronomic, wellness or adventure activity.

Between June 1st and December 21st 2021 (except between July 15 and August 31), travellers who book a two-consecuitve-night stay at Palacio de Luces will obtain, aside from lodging, one or several activities related to landscape, gastronomy, culture or wellness.

Because tranquility and the greenness of the north are always a good idea, more so if we invite you to discover unique experiences. Click here to discover the suggested experiences: Asturias a lo grande

How to get the free tickets to enjoy the proposed experiences

Book your two-night stay directly on our website. We will make sure to book your preferred activitites. Don't miss out on this opportunity to live Asturias on a large scale...


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